Our Goal

Help make Pittsburgh a pedestrian safe city by finding a design solution to improve the pedestriansā€™ experiences while they are on Forbes and South Craig.

An Interactive Display

Our solution is to install a display on the wall of the bus stop outside Carnegie Museum. If you take a look through it, you will see Deputy Dexter, at the intersection teaching people about safety by growling fiercely at jaywalkers and wagging his tail and playfully jumping up and down at pedestrians following the rules.

We believe one, that no one likes being shamed (however playfully) in public and two, that over time, pedestrians will voluntarily begin to respect road safety rules.

We Need You!

If you find yourself at an intersection in Pittsburgh that you perceive to be unsafe, we encourage you to use the hashtag, #DeputyDexter on Twitter or Instagram. We will immediately make note of the side-walk and will add it to the places we want to roll our display out to.

Here is a short tutorial on how to create a tweet:

Future Plans

Around 6/7 museums across Pittsburgh have a bus stop and a busy intersection nearby that can accommodate the Display. If the Display at Forbes and Craig is successful, we can role out variations of the existing display. For example, we could role out Dinosaur Daniel outside the Natural History of Science Museum. Like Dex, he too would teach pedestrians across Pittsburgh the values of road safety.


Let's all come together as one to solve the problem of pedestrian safety once and for all. Be a part of the change!


- Deputy Dexter šŸ¶